Engine Repair

Many of today's automobiles are built to last their owners at least 200,000 miles. That is, if the vehicle are properly maintained. Proper maintenance goes beyond just regular oil changes, but includes maintaining all of your fluids, replacing worn out parts and engine maintenance. The best way to preserve your engine is to get the vehicle fully inspected for items such as worn out spark plugs, needed adjustments in your timing belt or a low battery. Our recommendation for engine preventive maintenance is to bring your vehicle to Milex/Mr. Transmission for our expert tune-up service.

The Milex/Mr. Transmission Tune-up Service includes:

  • Replace Spark Plugs
  • Adjust ignition timing, as required
  • Adjust curb idle speed, as required
  • Visually check emission related devices
  • Visually inspect plug wires
  • Visually inspect distributor cap and rotor, when accessible
  • Access computer for trouble codes
  • Perform engine maintenance check

Being attentive to your engine maintenance is one of the most important ways to protect your vehicle and be sure it is kept in Road Ready condition.

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