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Terrible!!! First off, when I inquired about my car I explained the problem was that my car was not shifting and they told me in order to fully diagnose my car that they would have to tow it in. The morning of my tow, they forgot to even come get my car. Must have been a sign from God because they then said they needed to take my transmission out and take it apart to see what was wrong. I kept asking for a quote but still did not get one by this time. they removed the transmission and told me what was good and bad. then they hit me with a $2300 bill saying the parts are about $800 and the labor is $1,400!!! i am a single mother and I cant afford that! Then if they went on to say that if I did not get it repaired there then I still would owe about $500 just for towing and taking my transmission out. Paid for work not done!!! I would not recommend this place to anyone! RIPOFF!